e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence


Reference practices

Reference practices represent classroom situations in which there is a paradigmatic fit between the typologies of uses of digital technology in the classroom, its pedagogical application and the teachers’ TDC level. This fit gives rise to innovative teaching and learning scenarios where students have new or better opportunities to develop their skills. In the identification of the reference practices, the role played by the regulations, the way in which the classroom activity is structured, the students themselves and the community of the center are considered, according to the paradigm of the Theory of Activity (Karasavvidis, 2009).

Collection of reference practices of the observatory

At a methodological level, the characterization of the reference practices is carried out through a qualitative analysis of classroom evidences -such as video recordings. In this analysis both pedagogical criteria and specific criteria related to teachers’ digital competence are applied. This approach not only facilitate a more efficient and detailed characterization of the data obtained, but also enables a more precise and meaningful repository with a bigger potential to  become a personalized learning tool for teachers.

The participation of a large number of teachers is needed for the generation of the repository of reference practices. If you want to participate and contribute to the development of the Observatory, do not hesitate to contact us.