e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence

Teachers Digital Competence

The concept of Teacher Digital Competence (TDC) arises from the need to define what are the skills that a teacher must possess to be able to incorporate digital technologies into their professional practice. This concern is also present in various reports of different governments and institutions, which providing us a framework for the definition and the specification of this competence in dimensions and indicators that allow its evaluation (Generalitat de Catalunya, 2018; INTEF, 2017; Redecker & Punie, 2017; Unesco, 2018; Enlaces, 2011).

For us, TDC is made up of a set of capacities, skills and attitudes that teachers must develop in order to incorporate digital technologies into their practice and professional development (Lázaro Usart & Gisbert, 2019, p. 75).

In this project we take COMDID as a reference framework, defined by Lázaro & Gisbert (2015). In this framework, TDC is divided into 4 dimensions: 

  • D1. Didactic, curricular and methodological
  • D2. Planning, organization and management of digital technological resources and spaces
  • D3. Relational aspects, ethics and security
  • D4. Personal and professional aspects

From the definition and use of a set of 22 descriptors, with indicators for 4 levels of development (beginner, medium, expert and transformer), COMDID evaluates the TDC.