e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence

The project

The main objective of this reference and networked observatory is to study and define the current state of teachers’ digital teaching competence (TDC) of in-service teachers from preschool, primary and secondary education. The Observatory wants to contribute to the improvement of teachers’ use of digital technologies in their professional practice, both through empirical evidence-based documentation and the specialized training that can be derived from this.

By using Learning Analytics tools and from the analysis of good practices of reference, the Observatory also aims at proposing solutions for in-service teachers, so that they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of digital technologies in the classroom for improving students’ learning.


Reference practices

The Observatory has an extensive repository of reference practices so that teachers in preschool, primary and secondary schools can have a wide collection of sources of inspiration on the application of digital technologies in the classroom.

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Reference practices represent classroom situations in which there is a paradigmatic fit between the typologies of uses of digital technology in the classroom, its didactic application, and the teachers’ TDC level.


By offering regular face-to-face and virtual training, the Observatory aims to contribute to the professional development of teachers and institutions.

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Results of the analysis of digital teaching competence, types of uses and pedagogical applications, as well as the reference practices identified are used to design diverse regular face-to-face and virtual training for teachers. Check here the schedule of upcoming trainings or request personalized training.


Through a formative analysis and personalized monitoring, the consultancy service allows to increase and maximize the development of the digital teaching competence and its application in the classroom. 


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Through a formative analysis and personalized monitoring, the consulting service allows to increase and maximize the development of digital teaching competence and its application in the classroom. Request more information here.


Publication and dissemination

Periodically, reports with the results of the Observatory will be published, as well as knowledge pills and scientific articles on this platform and on the networks.

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On the News page you will find the latest publications of the observatory. You can also follow us to be up to date of the news of the Observatory.

Quality indicators

From the analysis of evidences, one of the main contributions of the Observatory will be the definition, contrast and validation of a set of quality indicators in four main areas:

  • The development of the TDC of teachers both pre-service and in-service
  • The application of ICT in educational centers
  • The use of digital resources in learning processes
  • The efficiency of teachers’ training programs and actions



What is the Teacher Digital Competence?

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Learning analytics

The Observatory is built from an exhaustive and systematic collection of data from various sources (questionnaires, interviews, classroom observations …) and the use of analysis techniques such as Learning Analytics to obtain an in-depth analysis of teachers’ practices with educational technology and their educational contexts. The aim is to identify patterns that allow a better understanding of the complexity of the use of educational technology in the classroom and the optimization of the learning spaces where these tools are used.


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