e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence



By offering face-to-face and virtual training, the observatory aims to contribute to the professional development of teachers and institutions.

Results of the analysis of digital teaching competence, types of uses and pedagogical applications of digital technologies, as well as reference practices are used to design diverse and regular face-to-face and virtual training for teachers.



Webinar 1

Unlearning in the digital society. Why should we be digital competent?

Webinar 2

The development of the digital competence of teachers: an urgent questionnt

Webinar 3

The ethical dimension of Digital Teaching Competence: research and reality

Webinar 4

Digital inclusion 

Webinar 5

Women’s Leadership and Digital Competence: A Look at Education and Research

Webinar 6

The development of the teacher’s TDC and the teaching and learning of the specific areas

Webinar 7

Flipped Learning: Past, present and future, and its relationship with the Digital Teacher Competence







Webinar 8

Training pills to feel thrilled and motivate your students







Webinar 9

Educational robotics: Innovation projects applied in the classroom

Webinar 10

Research and innovation around the TDC







Webinar 11

Teacher’s Digital Identity








Webinar 12

Key points in the digital competence of the student









Training capsules about TDC

A teacher for the digital era
What is the teacher digital competence
Ethics and teacher digital competence
Digital technologies for inclusive education

Gender and digital gap

Evidences to advance in the development of TDC
An Observatory to move from intuition to evidence

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