e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence

Research and innovation around CDD

March 28,2021

On April 28, the Research and Innovation Webinar was held with the aim of sharing between school and university teachers a look at teaching digital competence from the double perspective of research and innovation.

Participating in the debate Rosabel Roig, professor of Technological Education at Alicante University , and Dolors Queralt, director of the Institut Escola Daniel Mangrané

Innovation and research experiences were presented, such as the Student Experience as Digital Delegates and the Xarxes Universitat d’Alacant Program; PENSEM-ONLINE program carried out before and during the pandemic.

The need to discern between innovation and pseudo-innovation was discussed and it was specified that innovation must be planned, systematized and evaluated. The entire educational community must participate in innovation projects, as they are meaningless if they are not established from the foundations of the inclusive school.

The importance of accompanying teachers who develop experiences of educational innovation was commented on, and the value of professional development for teachers was highlighted, which goes beyond training plans and whose purpose is to improve student learning.

The need to promote the transfer of innovative experiences beyond educational centers and to have a culture of sharing that allows learning of good practices, establishing good collaboration networks and disseminating experiences in different professional and academic settings was highlighted.

Promote teaching prestige by revaluing the teaching function as a trainer of the citizens of the society that we want

To conclude, two ideas were highlighted: (1) the importance of the digital competence of teachers to be able to offer responsible, coherent and aligned proposals in which technology goes hand in hand with pedagogy and (2) the need to promote in society the teaching prestige, revaluing the teaching function that consists of training the citizens of the society that we want.