e-Observatory for the development and professional practice of Digital Teaching Competence


The Observatory


What is ObservaCOMDID?

Mercè Gisbert, main researcher of the project and of ARGET research group, explains us what is the Teacher Digital Competence Observatory:


ObservaCOMDID is the visible result of a research line of the ARGET group on Digital Competence (DC) both for teachers and students, started 10 years ago. The first visible result was the culmination of the doctoral thesis of Dr. Virginia Larraz of the U. of Andorra on the DC of university students, followed by the work of Dr. Eliana Gallardo: “An Investigation of the Social and Academic Uses of Digital Technology by University Students“. These works were followed by the thesis of Dr. Francesc Esteve: “The Teacher Digital Competence: analysis of self-perception and evaluation of the performance of university education students through a 3D environment «, Dr. José Luís Lázaro-Cantabrana «The Teacher Digital Competence as a tool to ensure the qualification in the use of ICT in a school» and Dr. Juan Francisco Álvarez «The information literacy of secondary school teachers of the Spain”. These works were consolidated with the SIMUL@B project: A 3D Simulation laboratory for the development of Teacher Digital  Competence led by Rovira i Virgili University and in which researchers from the research group COMPETECS research group of the University of Lleida and from the GRIE research group of the University of Andorra.

Results of all these projects have allowed us to have a solid base of research results based on evidences that constitute the starting point of ObservaCOMDID.


Definition and objectives

ObservaCOMDID is a reference digital space for the study and definition of the state of development of the level of Teachers Digital Competency (TDC) and the use of technologies in their daily teaching practices to improve teachers’ initial and in-service training. Its objectives are:

  • Analyze the level of development of the TDC and the pedagogical uses of digital technologies of in-service teachers, as well as the relationship between these constructs in the context of the «digital maturity» in schools.
  • Analyze, in a systematic and continuous way, the level of development of TDC of teachers and develop a strategy for data analysis based on Teaching and Learning Analytics techniques.
  • Analyze the relationship between the profile of development of TDC (by levels and dimensions) of in-service teachers and the typology of uses of digital technologies to create a repository of reference practices.