e-Observatorio para el desarrollo y la práctica profesional de la Competencia Digital Docente

Mapamundi interactivo de animales

Mirentxu (María) Pardo Artero

Center: CEIP Isidoro Andrés Villarroya

Place: Comunidad Valenciana

Level: Preschool education



Learning project of the countries and continents through an augmented reality globe and the creation of an encyclopedia of animals with Chroma Key. Then they create an interactive world map with Genially.

We consider this activity as a reference practice, since it meets different general and specific pedagogical criteria related to the teaching digital competence:

  • A complete didactic process has been implemented in this practice: Planning – implementation – evaluation.
  • Evidence of learning outcomes has been collected during the assessment process.
  • An inclusive perspective has been integrated in the educational planning and implementation, the design of activities, the evaluation and the preparation of materials.
  • The improvement in the learning process is evidenced, from the evaluation process, through an objective analysis of the information collected.
  • The design of the activities has implied the use of DT to favor the implementation of methodologies that promote the active learning of the students.
  • The DTs have favored inclusive education, aimed at the participation of all students, especially students with Specific Educational Support Needs.
  • Carrying out the learning activities has involved mobilizing knowledge, skills and/or attitudes related to information management and knowledge creation through the use of TD.