e-Observatorio para el desarrollo y la práctica profesional de la Competencia Digital Docente

Guardian@s del planeta Tierra

Jesús Javier “Chuso” Gómez Soler

Center: CEIP Virgen de Monserrate

Place: Comunidad Valenciana

Level: Preschool



Project of a three month of duration aiming at caring for the environment through the use of multiple digital technologies and in constantly contact with families.

We consider this activity as a reference practice, since it meets different general and specific pedagogical criteria related to the teaching digital competence:

  • A complete didactic process has been implemented in this practice: Planning – implementation – evaluation.
  • Evidence of learning outcomes has been collected during the assessment process.
  • The design of the activities has implied the use of DT to favor the implementation of methodologies that promote the active learning of the students.
  • The planning of the activities has included the digital competence of the students.
  • The DTs have favored inclusive education, aimed at the participation of all students, especially students with Specific Educational Support Needs
  • Carrying out the learning activities has involved mobilizing knowledge, skills and/or attitudes related to information management and knowledge creation through the use of TD.
  • TDs are used during the evaluation and/or the formative assessment process of students.